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There is no Artificial Intelligence without Human Intelligence. Rather than letting AI TAKE your source of income, let AI BE your source of income.

The Challenge at the Heart of AI Evolution

AI Trainer Scarcity

Training AI data models requires access to large numbers of diverse and high-quality human trainers.

Economic Inefficiencies

Intermediaries in the AI Training market retain much of the cost that should go to the trainers. Training tasks are repeated many times in order to achieve the minimal quality levels required for accurate AI models

Lack of Expertise

With more industries adopting AI, trainers with specialized expertise are required to provide training data for industry-specific AI models

Leaving the un-banked behind

The 2 Billion “un-banked” currently cannot participate in AI training work, exacerbating the scarcity of trainers, reducing diversity of AI model input, and barring entire populations from participating in the AI revolution

Why ALE?

Decentralized & Community Based

Matching AI projects directly with communities of trainers, projects are able to tap into global groups of domain experts while negating the need to pay high premiums to intermediaries

Crowd Wisdom Dataset Creation

ALE community coordination software toolsets provide scalable community incentives that create long-term sustainable solutions for AI dataset creation. ALE-powered crowd wisdom allows ALE communities to scale and benefit all community members equitably

Improved Accuracy, Engagement and Economies of Scale

Reputation-based compensation and gamification mechanics reduce the need for massive repetition of training tasks found in traditional settings, increase engagement and improve the quality of training data output

Accessible to All

Open to the entire world population, ALE enables all to meaningfully contribute to and participate in the AI revolution, while massively expanding and diversifying the pool of trainers projects can tap into for their AI training needs


  • Launch $ALE Token with global staking
  • Initial ALE Communities for specific skill sets
  • Job Posting UI and API
  • Community Formation Toolset
  • Micro-tasking and Consensus Mechanism
  • Reputation-based Token Compensation
  • Reputation-based stake distribution
  • Gamification
  • Onboarding and Education Campaigns
  • Launch of ALE Grants Program

2H 2024

1H 2025

  • Additional ALE Community Formation
  • Refined Job Posting Interfaces
  • Add New Labeling Job Types
  • Integrate Off Ramps in Emerging Markets
  • Mobile Worker Apps
  • Job Poster Analytics

2H 2025

  • AI Agents for security and operational efficiency monitoring
  • Refined Gamification Mechanics
  • Add RLHF Job Types


  • Ecosystem Expansion with more diverse and specialized ALE Communities
  • Develop New Reward Structures for Workers

ALE Founders

"Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes a team to win" - John Doerr
Chief Scientist

Dr. Wulf Kaal

With over 100 oft-cited research papers and several books on reputation-based systems, AI and decentralized governance, Wulf is the pre-eminent expert in community-based AI training

Explore Dr. Wulf Kaal's research on AI

Alex Kelly

Media, Entertainment, Gaming and Blockchain executive and founder with decades of experience growing companies and over $1B in M&A transactions

Explore Dr. Wulf Kaal's research on AI

Michael Steuer

Technology executive with a track record of scaling teams and projects for over 25 years, across mobile, gaming, big data and blockchain industries

Explore Dr. Wulf Kaal's research on AI

William Quigley

Technology-focused venture capitalist since the dot-com era, first money into PayPal, co-founder of Wax and Tether

Explore Dr. Wulf Kaal's research on AI


The ALE Token

Decentralizing a $30B market

$ALE powers the Al Learning Ecosystem, which is disintermediating and decentralizing a $30B market.

Stake Your $ALE

$ALE’s unique and multi-faceted staking mechanics provide for network security, growth and AI training accuracy

Proof of Good Work

Half of $ALE's annual inflation will be paid to ALE Communities based on their relative network contribution, and to each ALE Worker based on their reputation, ensuring network growth, and accurate training work

Learn about ALE Token


AI Learning Ecosystem AG is based in Zug, Switzerland

There is no Artificial Intelligence without Human Intelligence. Rather than letting AI TAKE your source of income, let AI BE your source of income.

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